Animation Workshop courses account for various backgrounds, profeciencies and requirements that are great for all avocational, academic or professional needs.

Courses are either extensive or accelerated that differ in duration and purpose. Neither accelerated courses cover fewer ground nor are extensive courses any less intense. It is simply the course objectives that influence duration.

A longer duration seemingly incurs more information and while it may be true, the real advantage lies in greater access to instructors with accompanying exposure to applied knowledge. Extensive courses although have weightier credit units.

This does not mean that a shorter duration has lesser value or results in the trimming of information. Infact accelerated courses are equally if not more intense as they compress time to meet course objectives. Highly specialized professional or introductory courses sometimes simply require fewer weeks for completion.

Courses also have designated introductory, intermediate or advanced complexity levels and are ultimately offered for a duration that best suits content quality.

The high skill hands-on nature of the courses backed by academic weitage is a confluence for applied knowledge. This practical and academic advantage makes attendence great for anyone including open enrolment individuals, professionals or university going students.

       Accelerated Courses

Six weeks is all it takes!

Accelerated courses efficiently shorten the learning process by compounding greater focus no mastering core contents with a milder all encompasing appreciation of the subject that last 6 intensive weeks.

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          Extensive Courses

Go fuller and further!

Participants of extensive courses can fully Immerse themselves with ample time to thoroughlty master contents at their own pace, allow new skills to sink in and develop a comprehensive understanding of subjects. Extensive courses last 12 weeks and expose attendees to an applied understanding of concepts over longer durations. Added information and practise times augment already substantial core contents with considerable breadth. Extensive courses allow instructors to seperately spend more time with each participant.

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All applicants are encouraged to seek clarification and discuss learning paths in case of ambiguities or generally before registration to help choose a course that best suits their needs.

Go to our FAQ or email questions or queries to info@animationworkshop.com.pk or call at +92 (336) 707-7741