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Current NUTech Students please contact university registrars office. Online registration is for open enrollment only.

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(All applicants are required to undertake mandatory online video assessment one week before payment deadlines. Video assessment is an essential part of the registration process, without which enrollment is not possible. Also note that it is better to share or send work samples earlier than scheduled to submissions@animationworkshop.com.pk as you may be asked to do so during video interviews. Once an application is accepted and approved, all information including payments or video assessment date and times are communicated via email or phone.)

Accelerated Courses

No Payment option for Accelerated Courses

Extensive Courses

Introduction to Digital Art and Animation

Payment plans are available for selected course. Note that opting for a payment plan incurs a 10% additional fee equally divided over two payments once made before start dates and again 6 weeks into the course. Refer to Tuition and Payment for details.

You are opting out of avaliable plan. You will be emailed information and invoice for full payment due before 05-March-2019

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