How to Register

All courses are registered online in a quick and easy manner. Prospective students may begin registration by filling out the online application after deciding on a course of their choosing. Once the application is recieved, a course invoice and payment information is sent at the applicants email address. As soon as all payments are cleared, a confirmation email containing the course reciept gurantees enrollment and completes registration.

Choose course and fill out online application
Receive payment request via email
Clear payments before deadline
Receive electronic receipt confirming enrollment

Who Can Apply?

Animation workshop courses are open to applicants of all backgrounds, proficiencies and requirements with any avocational, academic or professional needs.

While each course has specific preconditions, applicants truly passionate about the arts, committed to serious learning and growth as professionals qualify to immerse themselves at Animation Workshop's creative and exciting learning environment.

Animation workshop also does not discriminate in admission, treatment or access to its courses and activities according to nondiscrimination laws of Pakistan and upholds equal opportunity policies to all applicants of race, religion, caste, gender, residence or place of birth.

Animation workshop courses are approved by NUTech academic council and while Individual courses on their own do not lead to a certificate or diploma*, they may transfer into degree programs. Applicants seeking academic credits should apply after consulting admissions.

Open enrollment applicants don't have to be accepted into a full time program to apply, but must agree to Animation Workshop terms of service and NUTech university policies.

If you are currently enrolled as a student at NUTech, please contact the university registrar’s office for more information. Online registration through the Animation Workshop website is for open enrollment only.

* Individual Courses will be offered as part of a certificate or diploma at a later stage.

Do I Qualify?

The quality standards of practical education require both operational as well as conceptual knowledge. Hence courses offered at Animation Workshop are designed to eradicate the misconception that digital art is created by mere button pushing and to help technology shy artists gain confidence. The goal is to not only stimulate the imagination of attendees but also enable them to execute and fully realize what is imagined.

Generally all courses require applicants to possess an aptitude, appreciation of the subject and aesthetic maturity proportionate to designated levels.

Introductory courses do not have very stanch preconditions however enrollment into intermediate and advanced courses is conditional to an online mandatory video assessment. The assessment is not meant to discourage applicants but is put in place to help set them up for success. Assesment is very considerate and thoughtful carried out in discussion with the applicant to set custom goals and realistic expectations.

Rarely if assessment is unsatisfactory, the applicant is informed about other requisite courses to meet desired competency levels.

All applicants are encouraged to seek clarification and discuss learning paths in case of ambiguities or generally before registration to help choose a course that best suits their needs.

Go to our FAQ or email questions or queries to or call at +92 (336) 707-7741