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Professional educators

Recherche with authentic rich content

Unique method of focus praxis

Personal attention in small class sizes

Skill base education carrying academic weightage

Modern facilities and quality equipment

Networking opporunities

The Animation Workshop collobrative is an initiative towards providing high quality education for aspiring individuals and professionals pursuing careers utilizing digital art.

The tendency to aggrandize the utility of online tutorials or reading books in isolation hinders progress in mastering a subject and only at a dedicated place, helped by person to person interaction in the guidance of quality instrunction can one truely appreciate the difference. It is also niave and inaccurate to think that practical education simply requires physical skill. Infact any skill based preofession, particularly digital art requires a rather sophisticated blend of comprehension and understanding of a wide range of subjects.

A career in arts is a life long pursuit in which learning never stops and for digital artists, due to the rapid pace of technological change, there is a much more need to remain current.

Worse still, the hardest thing to do is to formalize art training. It is because Individuals are wired in their own unique ways to learn and absorb information. No 'standard' educational regime based on duration, content and method works equally well for everyone.

The unique and fluid method of instruction created at Animation Workshop inspired by the European atlier incorporates contemporary academic practises and standards such as credit units to moderanize a proven system of practical education with academic tangibility.

True art requires graduating from mere operational knowledge and with this belief, Animation Workshop goes great lengths in crafting courses that provide comprehensive education. The courses cover the full specturm of entertainment production, interactive media and diciplines utilizing digital art including film, games and television.

In an exciting and creative environment, the project based learning, helped by a myraid of resources and modern facilities at Animation Workshop push attendees in becoming medium independent professionals.

An artists survivial also depends on the strenght and quality of a professional network and community. Animation Workshop provides attendees access to a vibrant and dynamic league and the opportunity to make connections for mutual growth and professional progress. Animation Workshop was founded to fill the vacumm and serve as the catalyst in creating awareness and social acceptability of digital art by setting unmatched standards.

Whether the endevour is to seek new knowledge or continued education, Animation workshop helps discover, refine and unleash one's true métier.